This Week’s Top Digital Media Stories – Week of August 10th

Our weekly roundup of the digital media resources you may have missed:

Two Years After the Tipping Point, Papers’ Web Readership is Booming
Just two years after the tipping point, print circulation is declining at roughly the same rate it has been for the last eight years, while web readership’s growth is accelerating.

This Is How Most App Makers Are Making Money
This chart from Business Insider Intelligence, demonstrates how most iOS developers are making money using the ‘freemium’ model, and the author argues that ‘freemium’ has become the standard monetization practice in mobile apps.

Facebook’s New Mobile Ads Push Directly to App Stores
It’s no secret that Facebook has been searching for ways to monetize its growing mobile user base. Earlier this week, Facebook announced a new mobile-optimized ad unit that will direct users directly to install mobile apps, what implications could this move have for the company?

Finally, we are excited to announce that Darcy Clarke, who has recently joined our team as a Senior UX Developer, will be speaking at the Future of Web Design in New York this October!

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