Native Advertising Roundup – May 21 2014


Some are saying this sponsored content by Netflix on Wired's site is one of the best native ad implications of all time.

Here are the most important stories from the past week at Polar and the world of native advertising. If you see a story we missed, feel free to @ us on Twitter, post it to LinkedIn or leave a comment on our wall.

Polar got a whole lot smarter last week as we added leaders from Facebook and AdTruth to our board of directors. Read the full release to see why we're excited to have Steve Irvine, James Lamberti, and James Bilefield join our growing team and help us plot our next moves into unchartered parts of the online media landscape.

Net Communities is an advertising solution company which powers some of the U.K.'s most popular technology-focused publications. They've announced their sponsored content program, Brand Talk, which will allow for native ads on sites like ITProPortal and Technology.Info, all powered by MediaVoice, Polar's powerful native advertising platform.

Temptation looms with new formats like native ads. The allure of creating a reservoir of remnant ad space might seem attractive at first glance, but Polar CEO Kunal Gupta argues that publishers could be setting themselves up for a great fall. What do you have to do? Kill the backfill.

The nomenclature of native advertising is debated almost as much as the merits of the platform itself. Judith Aquino takes a stab at clarifying some  of the terms in AdExchanger this week.

In a rare, unanimous online decision, marketers, reporters and publishers are gushing over a native ad for Netflix which appeared on Take a look for yourself (and some accompanying perspective) and see if you think this is the best the format has offered since its recent inception.