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Influencer Amplification

Promote Instagram and Facebook influencer posts on trusted publisher websites as paid media.


Post Types

Instagram Photo

Instagram Story

Facebook Photo

Facebook Link


How It Works

Easy and simple workflow that is frictionless

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One Click Creative™

Save creative production costs, time and approvals

Try it now:

1. Copy the URL for a Facebook or Instagram post

2. Paste it in the preview tool here

3. Click ‘Open In New Tab’


Beat Banner Blindness

Social Display delivers 5x more engagement than standard IAB display

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Why Social Display performs better

  • Creative quality: social assets are more compelling than standard IAB assets

  • Format familiarity: people are more comfortable engaging with social formats


Fight Feed Fatigue

Social Display delivers 5x more attention than social feeds

Why Social Display performs better

  • Feed behavior: the average person scrolls the height of the Empire State Building each day in social

  • Environment matters: people take time reading content on trusted publisher sites

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Drive Users to Custom Landing Pages

Social Display ads can be configured to bring users to any webpage after clicking on the ad, satisfying a variety of campaign objectives for the entire marketing funnel.

More than 95% of the ad area clicks out to the customizable destination page that the agency or advertiser will provide.


Proven Format

1,500 advertisers use Social Display with impressive results


Case Studies

Advertisers see strong results with Social Display