Automated Real time Ad Formats

Boost Facebook, Instagram and Twitter posts on the Washington Post content via Zeus Prime.

  • No design work needed

  • No development work or coding needed

  • No ad creative fees

  • No launch delays


Zeus Prime: Efficient & Effective

Pair Automated Ad Formats with premium inventory, guaranteed to run on The Washington Post 

  • Self-serve platform allows for on demand, real-time campaign deployment, and quick time-to-launch

  • Seamless buying in trusted premium news environments

  • Leverage targeting that drives consideration, preference, and interest at scale


Fight Feed Fatigue With Trusted Content

Boosted Social Ads on trusted publisher supply delivers 5x more attention than social feeds

Why publisher supply performs better


Instant Ad Previews

  1. Select a content category in the dropdown menu

  2. Copy the social post URL

  3. Paste it into the Preview Tool

  4. Open the link in a new tab


How It Works

Screen Shot 2019-09-11 at 2.37.16 PM.png

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